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District Institute of Education and Training (DIET)

DIETs are nodal institution for improving the quality of elementary education in the districts and are mandated to transact Pre-service and In-service training programme for elementary school teachers. Responsibility of DIETs have been increased manyfold on account of implementation of RTE act 2009, RMSA, NCF 2005, ICT interventions, innovative practices and academic planning in the district.

Role of DIETs in the new scheme:

  • DIET would continue to be nodal institutions at the district level to transact pre-service and in-service training for elementary school teachers.
  • DIET will also be responsible for in-service training of secondary school teachers under RMSA, if there is no CTE.
  • DIET would also organise and support teacher professional development and leadership development programs for Head Masters, senior teachers, and School Management Committees on a continued basis.
  • DIET would serve as an Education Resource Centre for the district in conjunction with BRCs, CRCs.
  • Addressing district specific material development, action research programs for special groups in the District.
  • Developing district academic plans and monitoring the quality of schools and teaching.
  • Designing interventions for direct support to schools and work with special groups in the district.

D. El. Ed. Syllabus

1)  D. El. Ed. 1st year

2)  D. El. Ed. 2nd year

3)  Scheme of Examination and distribution of marks (D. El. Ed.)

Link for DIETs website:

Bilaspur >  www.dietbilaspur.in

Kangra >  https://samagrashikshakangra.in/

Kullu >  www.dietkullu.com 

Una >  www.dietunahp.com