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Vocational Education

National Vocational Education Qualification Framework (NVEQF)

       The NVEQF sets common principles and guidelines for a nationally recognized qualification system, covering schools, vocational education institutes and institutes of higher education with qualifications ranging from secondary to doctorate level, leading to international recognition of national standards.  Students would have the scope for vertical and horizontal mobility with multiple entry and exits. This would be especially useful to promote the creative genius of every child including children with special needs. The corner stone of the NVEQF would be the close partnership and collaboration with the industry/ potential employers at all stages starting from identification of courses, content development, training and provision of resource persons, assessment, accreditation, certification and placement.


 To Link Education to Employability.


To make Education relevant in perception of Stakeholders.

To prepare adolescent for adult life – Higher Education and World of Work.

List of schools covered along with trade in Himachal Pradesh

VTPs & Trade Wise No. of Schools & Trainer

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Vocational Curriculum

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